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I had the best spanking session yesterday!

He said he is normally the one giving the spankings but that every once in a while he needs one himself. So first we met at Starbucks. He was so tall – 6’4″! And he wanted over the knee (OTK) spanking! I was really excited to do it and definitely up to the challenge of handling this tall man.

We went to my place an he gave me the paddle he wanted me to use. It was a wooden ping pong paddle. It was soooo good! It made a great sound and wasn’t too heavy so we were able to go for a long time with it.

We started the session with him on my lap and me spanking him with his jeans still on. I made him tell me every thing he did to deserve this spankin. When I couldn’t wait any more I had him pull his pants off. Then he was in his boxers laying across my lap. He felt so good! I liked grabbing his ass cheeks in my hands and shaking them and rubbing the two cheeks together. I also liked rubbing the flat of the paddle on his cheek building up anticipation for the whack! And sometimes in between whacks I would run the paddle down the crack of his ass. Then I had him get naked and put his dick in between my legs. I love that feeling! Him squirming with every whack and his cock sliding around in between my thighs.

It started to get warm between us. I made him get up and turn on the air. When he came back to me I had him get on his knees in front of me while I tugged on his dick. He asked permission to touch it himself. I said no and that he needed to get back on my lap for that naughty request. He laid back down and I fondled his balls a bit while spanking him with my hand. I also rubbed all around his asshole. He deserved to be abused a bit. I was driving him crazy! Then he said he wanted to move the mirror so he could watch. I said that was fine and it was fun watching him get up and move it 3x’s. Very amusing.

Finally I wanted to see his dick hard. I had him get on his knees in front of me and begin to stroke his cock. As he did I played with his nipples and even spanked his pecs a bit. Then I told him to stop and he said it was too late! And he shot the biggest load right in his hand!

Next time he better ask for permission to cum!! And he’ll be paying with some whacks from my heavy paddle!

And I know he’ll be back because he was admiring his red cheeks in the mirror and saying that was the best spanking he’d ever had that I’d actually gotten him into sub space. Nice!