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My Personal Kink

I love it when I get to the client and he is an older gentleman.  Totally polite and classy.  Or a hot businessman – they kind you would never suspect of having to hire someone for anything sensual or erotic.  I usually meet these kind of clients at places like The Venetian and The Palazzo.  I get up to the room and they’re fresh out of the shower still wearing their robe.

I set up my table and chat with them about where they’re from and what they do for a living.  They are usually high powered business men here for a business trip.  I get the table all set up and they lay face down on the table completely nude and exposed.

I start on their back, warming it up, making sure the pressure is okay for them, and working as deep as they desire to totally relax them.  I work down to their glutes and up to the top of their head.  Then I do their right arm.  And move on to their right leg.

And this is where my kink comes in.  I oil up their leg and start to warm up their glute before I do any deeper work.  This is when I watch their reaction very carefully.  I see how they react as I get closer to their crack.  If nothing happens, I continue on as normal – therapeutic only.  But if they push back, wiggle in the slightest or give any indication as to increased enjoyment from me massaging that area then I continue on.  I massage all the way into their crack and rub the outside of their hole.  As I enjoy this myself I really get off giving this kind of pleasure to them.

I move on to their upper thigh, again warming it up before I do deeper strokes.  I love it when my hand gets to the groin – the area where the leg meets the body.  This is a neglected area on most people and is very sensitive.  I like to get it oiled up and see how they react as my fingers and hands inadvertently brush against their testicles.  I like looking at their testicles and their penis head poking out below, seeing that they are aroused from what I’ve done to them.  I will thoroughly massage the entire thigh and the area behind their scrotum.  Then I start using some lite touch gently dragging my nails along their crack and onto their ballsack.  Again, I observe their reactions.  If they lift their hips more when I’m touching their testicles then I increase my activity there, pulling and massaging the base of their cock.  I pay some attention to their dick head, rubbing it with my fingertip and squeezing out bits of precum to rub lightly onto the shaft.  If they raise their ass as I run my fingertips up their crack I focus there more massaging their hole all around and putting extra oil.  If I see they are continuing to push back I increase my pressure, finally slipping in a finger to find their prostate to massage that.  With the other hand I alternate between rubbing their back and ass to giving them lite spanks and tugging on their nuts.  Eventually I am tugging on their dick and fucking with my finger if that’s what they want.  I will continue this until they tell me to stop.  Some men want to get right to the verge of orgasm and stop while others like to come and just lay in it while I finish the back of their body.  I love having this effect!  I am often aroused and wet during this process.  I don’t let them touch me.  I don’t get naked or topless.  I make them take it one way, from me to them.

Then I finish the massage on the back of their body.  I have them roll over and scoot down.  I put the bolster under their knees and the cushion under their head if they like.  I massage the front of their body, teasing their dick as I work the top of each leg.  The very last thing I massage (if they haven’t come yet) is their tummy.  Then I work my way down to their pubic bone and the whole area starting with lite touch – finger tips and nails and playing with precum.  I increase pressure and pull on their balls and play with their ass if that’s what they like.  They are totally exposed and vulnerable.  If they ask for more – nudity, oral, etc.  I let them know I will leave if they ask again.  They are forced to lay there and take it.  I take their direction if they say faster or slower.  I play and play until they cum all over my hand and sometimes all over themselves.  I love it – it’s extremely exciting!

I get them a towel and wash the oil off my hands as they clean themselves off.  I pack up my table and get their money.  Hehehehe.  I am usually soaking wet and totally thrilled and they’re giving me hundred dollar bills!  Sometimes I am so hot that before I was the oil off my hands I sit on the toilet and masturbate.  I imagine how much they wish they could see me and help me and that their missing out.  If I need help getting over the edge I imagine a beautiful girl on her knees in front of me watching me finger my clit while she’s doing the same to herself eagerly waiting for me to cum so she can shove her tongue into my pussy to taste it.

If I can’t cum quickly enough in the bathroom I wait til I get to the parking lot and if I’m still hot there I play until I cum.